Overwatch 2 Players Enhance Mauga’s Ultimate Ability by Utilizing It Incorrectly


Players have uncovered an unconventional method to secure kills using Overwatch 2’s hero Mauga and his ultimate ability, Cage Fight, offering an unexpected strategy not immediately apparent. Although Cage Fight is designed to ensnare adversaries within a formidable, hard-to-eliminate tank armed with unlimited ammunition, a unique play has emerged, particularly effective in select maps.

Overwatch 2 continually expands its hero roster by drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and nations worldwide. Mauga, the Samoan tank, represents the franchise’s inaugural Pacific Islander hero, making his debut in early December 2023. In less than a month since his introduction, Mauga has garnered substantial popularity. Not only is he a well-crafted character contributing to the game’s diversity, but he’s also highly effective as a tank within gameplay.

the corrent way to use a Mauga’s Ult
byu/arkLees inOverwatch


A Redditor, arkLees, shared a highlight reel showcasing their innovative use of Mauga’s Cage Fight ultimate ability in combination with a Lifeweaver teammate. The strategy involves placing the cage on Lifeweaver’s Petal Platform, suspended near a ledge but not activated to ascend. Subsequently, enemies trapped within the cage are pulled down to their demise when the Lifeweaver player disposes of the platform, causing the cage to plunge into the abyss. Despite standing on a ledge, the trapped enemies are compelled to follow the cage’s trajectory, resulting in instant elimination. Meanwhile, Mauga avoids the fall either by jumping away or being pulled clear of the cage’s path.

Fellow Overwatch 2 players on the subreddit found this tactic entertaining and satisfying to witness, albeit acknowledging its difficulty when attempting it solo in public matches. Successful execution requires a coordinated Mauga-Lifeweaver team, making it challenging for individual players to replicate. Moreover, if the strategy gains traction, the evolving meta will likely devise countermeasures. Additionally, using this tandem approach reportedly leads to various bugs in certain Overwatch maps.

Regardless of whether players wish to experiment with this tactic, Mauga remains an excellent choice for public games. Blizzard has actively bolstered the character, enhancing Mauga further in a recent Overwatch 2 patch to increase his viability in competitive play. However, due to his novelty and burgeoning popularity, many players strive to be the first to select him in public matches.