Overlooked Master Reference Found in the Latest Doctor Who Special


In the recent Doctor Who special episode ‘The Star Beast’, there was an unmistakable sense of a reunion with “the gang getting back together.” David Tennant reprised his role as the Doctor, joined by Catherine Tate as Donna, and the episode subtly dropped a reference to The Master, Doctor Who’s iconic antagonist.

Amidst the excitement of having beloved characters back on screen, a particular scene in the 60th anniversary special where Donna and Rose Noble first encounter the Doctor featured Donna remarking, “never trust a man with a goatee.” This seemingly innocent line holds a clever nod to one of TV’s infamous goatee-wearing villains – The Master, whose various incarnations, including Roger Delgado and John Simm, sported this distinct facial hair.

This subtle Easter egg isn’t just a wink for dedicated fans; it potentially hints at Donna’s latent memories from the DoctorDonna meta-crisis. As Donna reconnects with the Doctor throughout the episode, fragments of her past adventures and experiences with the Time Lord resurface. Her dreams echo some of these shared adventures, suggesting a deeper connection and recollection than previously assumed.


The nod to The Master serves as another clue that Donna might retain suppressed memories protected by the Doctor. Ultimately, ‘The Star Beast’ culminates in the heartwarming return of Doctor-Donna and a resolution to the meta-crisis predicament, albeit perhaps a tad too neatly resolved.

Despite any loose ends, the emotional impact of the ending and the prospect of more adventures with Tennant and Tate outweigh minor script quibbles. Fans eagerly await the upcoming episodes, relishing the delightful chemistry between the two leads.

Could The Master make an appearance in future episodes? Speculation abounds, especially given the unknown identity of Beep the Meep’s boss. The narrative possibilities invite wild speculation and anticipation among enthusiasts.

For deeper insights into Doctor Who’s return, explore our ‘The Star Beast’ review and glimpse into the forthcoming Doctor Who special. As we eagerly count down the days, revisiting defining Doctor Who episodes from David Tennant’s tenure in the TARDIS will keep us engaged and excited for what’s to come.