Our Flag Means Death Season 2: The Most Heartbreaking Moment Was Hinted at From the Start


Our Flag Means Death Season 2 took us on an exhilarating ride, full of unexpected twists and turns. The culmination of this rollercoaster was the poignant demise of Izzy Hands, a character who evoked mixed feelings among viewers. His passing sparked a flurry of discussions on social media, leaving many both shocked and reflective.

This pivotal event was actually hinted at in the Season 2 premiere. In ‘Impossible Birds,’ we witnessed Stede’s vivid dream, where he confronted Izzy in a climactic duel. While the dream’s significance may have initially been unclear, its resonance became apparent in the finale. Not only did the dream feature a poignant reunion between Stede and Ed, but it also foretold Izzy’s fate, a revelation that left viewers in awe.

Izzy Hands’ journey throughout ‘Our Flag Means Death’ was nothing short of complex. Initially introduced as Blackbeard’s fierce first mate, he and Blackbeard terrorized the seas together. Their relationship was steeped in darkness and toxicity, defined by a ruthless pursuit of power. This dynamic earned them a notorious reputation, striking fear into the hearts of other crews. Yet, beneath this façade, it became evident that Izzy and Blackbeard were trapped in a cycle of destructive behavior, feeding off each other’s toxicity.


In Season 1, Izzy played the role of the agitator, particularly in his efforts to drive a wedge between Stede and Ed. Witnessing Ed’s growing affection for Stede, Izzy manipulated the situation, sowing seeds of discord. This culminated in a dramatic duel, leading to Izzy’s exile. Fuelled by resentment, he aligned himself with Spanish Jackie and Chauncey Badminton, setting in motion a series of events that would alter the course of their lives.

Season 2 delves into the aftermath of Stede’s absence, with Blackbeard assuming leadership and subjecting the crew to relentless raids. Izzy, however, experiences a transformation of his own. Recognizing the toxicity of his relationship with Blackbeard, he begins to question his loyalty. This introspection ultimately leads him to defend the crew, a courageous act that costs him dearly. Shot and losing a leg, Izzy’s journey evolves into one of redemption.

Throughout the season, we witness Izzy’s evolution from an isolated figure to an integral part of a dysfunctional yet endearing family at sea. This newfound sense of belonging is exemplified when the crew crafts a replacement leg for him, an act of care that speaks volumes. Tragically, in the Season 2 finale, Izzy meets his end, surrounded by the crew who had come to embrace him as one of their own. This poignant farewell, particularly Ed cradling Izzy in his final moments, stands as one of the season’s most powerful scenes.

Izzy Hands’ passing is undeniably a significant moment, given his integral role in the narrative. While the foreshadowing in Season 2 may have hinted at this outcome, the depth of his transformation makes it all the more poignant. From a figure of animosity, Izzy evolved into the linchpin of the Revenge, a testament to the series’ adept character development.

In his own words, Izzy aptly captures the essence of true piracy, emphasizing the importance of finding a surrogate family when the original one is no longer present. His legacy endures through the crew, for he is now an indelible part of their collective identity. While Izzy’s tenure as a reformed man may have been brief, his altruistic actions will forever resonate. Flawed yet unforgettable, this pirate, with a surprising knack for delivering ‘La vie en rose,’ leaves an indelible mark on both the crew and the audience.