Orioles’ CEO speaks out amid announcer suspension controversy


Controversy surrounds the suspension of Baltimore Orioles’ TV announcer Kevin Brown, who was taken off air earlier this month for pre-game remarks that sparked public outcry. After weeks of silence, Orioles’ CEO John Angelos has broken his silence in an interview with The New York Times, shedding light on the matter and expressing his desire for Brown to remain a part of the team.

The suspension of Kevin Brown, the Baltimore Orioles’ television play-by-play announcer, over his pre-game comments has ignited a storm of criticism within the baseball community. The Orioles’ ownership remained tight-lipped about the situation until now, when John Angelos, CEO of the team, addressed the issue in an interview with The New York Times. In this conversation, Angelos provided insight into the incident while discussing his aspirations for Brown’s continued involvement with the Orioles.

Although Angelos neither confirmed nor denied the reports of Brown’s absence from the announcer’s booth from July 23 to Aug. 11, he did express his hope that Brown’s affiliation with the Orioles persists for a significant period. Angelos hinted that the decision to suspend Brown wasn’t solely his own, indicating a collaborative decision-making process.


The suspension was reportedly a result of Brown’s comments about the Orioles’ struggles at Tropicana Field, the home of the Tampa Bay Rays. Angelos revealed that the Orioles’ management is currently engaged in a review of internal procedures that led to the disciplinary action against the announcer. Displeased with the situation, Angelos commented, “Nothing like that is going to happen again. It shouldn’t have happened once.”

Brown responded to his suspension with a public statement, asserting his role as a storyteller and expressing his desire not to be the center of attention. He emphasized his positive relationship with the organization, ownership, and front office, highlighting their support since his arrival in 2019.

The unfolding narrative, encompassing Brown’s suspension and the ensuing responses, showcases a complex situation. The Orioles initially dismissed the reports, but Brown’s clarification introduced nuance. Angelos’ recent commentary demonstrated a willingness to address the matter while underscoring the team’s commitment to its on-field success.

As the Orioles continue their impressive season, the controversy has the potential to overshadow their accomplishments. Angelos and the Orioles’ leadership are striving to strike a balance between addressing the issue and maintaining the focus on the team’s achievements, reinforcing the notion that the organization values both integrity and performance.