Opera is drafting in Google Gemini to help supercharge the browser’s Aria AI assistant


Opera has recently integrated Google’s Gemini AI into its browser, enhancing its generative AI capabilities through a collaboration with Google Cloud. This integration is a part of Opera’s effort to improve its AI assistant, Aria, and bolster its text-to-voice and image generation features. Aria, powered by Opera’s multi-LLM (large language model) Composer AI engine, can now leverage Gemini alongside other AI models to provide optimal results for various tasks within the browser.


Key Features of Opera’s Enhanced AI Integration:

  1. Multi-LLM Composer AI Engine: Aria doesn’t rely on a single AI model. Instead, it uses the Composer AI engine to select the best model for each task, now including Google’s Gemini.
  2. Text-to-Voice and Image Generation: These capabilities are enhanced by the integration with Google Cloud’s AI technology, specifically using Google’s Imagen 2 model on the Vertex AI platform for image generation.
  3. Accessibility in Opera One Developer Version: Currently, the updated Aria AI is available exclusively in the Opera One Developer version. This version allows users to test new AI features and provide feedback before they are rolled out to the standard version of the browser.

How to Try the New Aria AI:

To experience the newly enhanced Aria AI, users can download the Opera One Developer version from Opera’s website. However, for those who prefer a more stable experience, it might be better to wait until these features are fully integrated into the standard version of Opera.

Benefits of Using Opera Browser:

  • Based on Chromium: Opera is built on Chromium, Google’s open-source engine, making it easy for users to import their browsing history and bookmarks from other popular browsers like Chrome and Edge.
  • Unique Features: Opera includes various features that have garnered a loyal user base, such as:
    • Workspaces: For efficient file management.
    • Sidebar Functionality: Providing quick access to frequently used tools and services.
    • Built-in VPN: Offering enhanced privacy and security while browsing.

Opera’s integration of Google’s Gemini AI represents a significant advancement in the browser’s AI capabilities, potentially offering users a more powerful and versatile browsing experience. While the enhanced Aria AI is currently in the testing phase within the Opera One Developer version, it’s expected to eventually become a standard feature in the main Opera browser. This integration is part of Opera’s ongoing commitment to incorporating cutting-edge generative AI technology, making it a strong alternative to other popular browsers like Google Chrome.