Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Finale Ending Explained!


“Only Murders In The Building,” the Hulu series, follows the intriguing journey of three close friends: Charles, Mabel, and Oliver, who become entangled in a captivating murder mystery. The enigma centers around the untimely demise of actor Ben Glenroy, occurring on the opening night of a play featuring Oliver.

As they delve deeper into the case, they encounter numerous hurdles in their pursuit of the truth. Notably, a crucial revelation occurs during the premiere of a revamped version of the play, with Ben now in the lead role. In the final episode of Season 3, the trio at last unravels the identity of Ben’s killer. Moreover, they face significant decisions about their own lives.

Simultaneously, they stumble upon yet another unexpected murder mystery in their true crime podcasting endeavors, potentially marking their most perilous case to date.


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In the ultimate episode of ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 3, titled ‘Opening Night,’ Donna recounts her history in producing and her fervent desire to safeguard her son, Cliff, through flashback sequences. Loretta Durkin joins forces with Mabel, Charles, and Oliver to discuss fresh leads in the Ben Glenroy homicide.

They harbour suspicions that Donna DeMeo, the producer of Oliver’s play, might be the culprit behind Ben’s death. They believe she poisoned Ben on opening night to salvage her son’s Broadway career. Despite the absence of concrete evidence linking Donna to the crime scene, Loretta astounds everyone by revealing a handkerchief that belonged to Ben. It bears Donna’s lipstick mark, and she obtained it from Dickie. Loretta devises a plan to disclose Dickie’s true parentage to him after the play.

The trio orchestrates a confrontation with Donna on opening night at the Gooseberry Theater, intending to extract a confession. To everyone’s astonishment, Donna admits to poisoning Ben. However, Mabel presents the handkerchief as additional evidence, and Donna’s confession doesn’t end there. She also confesses to pushing Ben down the elevator shaft. Donna implores to witness her son’s performance before surrendering herself.

Meanwhile, due to Jonathan’s anxiety, Oliver takes on the lead role in his play. Loretta opens up about her connection to Dickie, and Mabel decides to tail Donna, eventually leading to the revelation of Ben Glenroy’s true murderer.”


Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Finale Ending Explained

In the climactic scene of the episode, Oliver’s play culminates in a riveting performance by Loretta, showcasing her incredible talent. Meanwhile, Mabel discreetly tails Cliff up to the rafters, where she stumbles upon a shocking revelation – it was Cliff who pushed Ben down the elevator shaft, resulting in his tragic demise.

The handkerchief, as it turns out, was in fact Cliff’s possession, and Donna’s confession was an act of maternal protection, shielding her son from the legal repercussions.

In a candid admission during a tense confrontation, Cliff confesses to Ben’s murder. It’s revealed that Ben had uncovered Donna’s scheme and in the ensuing altercation, he berated Cliff, culminating in a tragic accident that led to Ben’s untimely death. Donna intervenes just in time to prevent Cliff from taking a fatal leap. Following the successful performance, both Donna and Cliff are apprehended, likely to face severe charges.

In the midst of these dramatic events, Oliver reignites his romance with Loretta. She shares her plans to relocate to Los Angeles, hinting at the prospect of a new chapter in her life. Meanwhile, Mabel contemplates a long-distance relationship, wrestling with Tobert’s proposition.

With the murder mystery solved and celebrations in full swing, an unexpected turn of events shatters the moment of joy. A sniper takes aim at Charles, but it’s a tragic case of mistaken identity – they’ve targeted Sazz instead.

Sazz passes away, leaving behind an unfinished message. The season concludes with a fresh murder mystery, indicating that Charles may now be the intended victim. The unanswered questions surrounding the assailant’s identity and motives leave viewers on the edge of their seats, laying the groundwork for a potential fourth instalment packed with suspense and intrigue.