Only Murders In The Building Season 3 Episode 9 Ending Explained


In Season 3 of Hulu’s ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ the plot is nearing its climax. In episode 9, the protagonists Charles, Mabel, and Oliver continue their quest to unravel the mystery behind Ben Glenroy’s death, despite Loretta’s previous confession to protecting Dickie.

However, doubts arise regarding Dickie’s guilt as the killer. Consequently, they opt to reenact the events of the night of Ben’s demise in order to discern the truth. Through this process, they stumble upon a startling revelation about the murder, drastically altering the course of the investigation.

In episode 9, titled ‘Thirty,’ Mabel awakens in the hospital following Oliver’s heart attack, and they return to the Arconia with Charles. They discuss Loretta’s false confession and press on with their inquiry. The trio is determined to exonerate Loretta before her court hearing.


They begin to suspect Dickie, Ben’s brother, as the true culprit. However, upon speaking with Dickie, they realize he had an alibi and wasn’t present in the building at the time of Ben’s death. They visit what they initially mistake for a brothel, only to discover it’s a fabric shop where Ben practiced sewing.

They uncover that Ben personally crafted handkerchiefs for everyone on opening night and establish a timeline of events. By reviewing interrogation tapes, they piece together the sequence of events and identify who Ben spoke to before his demise. Additionally, they learn that it’s Mabel’s 30th birthday.

As the episode concludes, Charles, Mabel, and Oliver finish watching all the interrogation videos but reach a standstill in solving the mystery. They’re unable to determine who entered Ben’s dressing room before his pivotal performance. Meanwhile, Howard reconstructs shredded documents and discovers that someone accessed a review of the play ‘Death Rattle.’

Mabel comes to the realization that Ben wasn’t conversing with a person that night, but rather with his favorite dip. They ascertain that Ben was distressed before the show, had a quarrel with Charles, and his friends couldn’t attend. In his despair, he consumed a cookie in his dressing room, which had been poisoned.

Furthermore, they uncover that Donna, the play’s producer, poisoned Ben in an attempt to shield her son from a negative review. While they lack concrete evidence, they rush to prevent Loretta from pleading guilty, only to encounter Donna at the hearing, confirming their suspicions about her involvement in Ben’s murder.