One-Punch Man Unveils the Astonishing World-Ending Might of Saitama!


The notion of overwhelmingly powerful superheroes can indeed lead to predictable and uninteresting narratives. However, the anime series One-Punch Man takes this concept and turns it on its head, crafting a premise around Saitama, a character so supremely strong that he grapples with the ennui of never encountering a worthy adversary and struggles to find purpose in his life.

This unique twist on conventional superhero tales is nothing short of ingenious. Now, thanks to the Monster Association arc in the One-Punch Man manga, specifically in chapter #157, we have a nearly exact measure of Saitama’s boundless might.

In a climactic showdown with the Monster Association Executives, the monstrous creation known as Evil Natural Water, a result of the sinister Psykos’s twisted experiments, absorbs a staggering volume of ocean water, swelling to a size nearly beyond comprehension. This poses a dire threat to a nearby aircraft carrier. Saitama, the mightiest character in One-Punch Man lore, contemplates a straightforward solution: lifting the ship and relocating it to safety. His only hindrance is the lack of stable footing amidst the water.


Eventually, Saitama devises an alternate plan, using the aircraft carrier like a surfboard to escape to safety. However, the mere consideration of his initial idea provides definitive proof of Saitama’s ability to hoist an aircraft carrier. This revelation is significant because these carriers are astonishingly weighty, offering an invaluable benchmark for gauging Saitama’s power.

For context, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier, currently deployed in the US Navy, weighs over 100,000 tons. Therefore, Saitama can lift a minimum of 100,000 tons. To delve deeper, we’ll need to delve into a bit of physics and mathematics.

Utilizing the formula ‘Force (F) = Mass in kilograms (M) x Gravity (G)’ (which in this case translates to 90718474 x 9.8), we can calculate that the force required for Saitama to lift the aircraft carrier would have been roughly 889 million joules. After some further calculations (and a slight headache), we determined that this is comparable to the force of a magnitude 5 earthquake on the Richter scale, or the power of several nuclear explosions.

Consider this: Saitama would have needed the might of a magnitude 5 earthquake to elevate the aircraft carrier. His sole obstacle was the inability to establish a firm footing. This revelation is mind-boggling and provides a tantalizing glimpse into the extraordinary extent of Saitama’s power. Moreover, there’s no indication that he couldn’t lift something even more colossal, suggesting that this measurement merely represents the foundation of his strength.

We eagerly await the moment when the One-Punch Man anime catches up with the manga so we can witness this epic scene in animated glory. It’s instances like this that elevate it to the ranks of the finest anime series, juxtaposing Saitama’s immense might with his otherwise mundane concerns, such as his bald pate or financial struggles.

Furthermore, this revelation could potentially be incorporated into season 3, which appears poised to chronicle Saitama’s clash with the formidable Garou from chapter #86 onwards, pitting two of the most exceptional anime characters against each other. Here’s hoping it attains the same level of excellence as the inaugural season.