‘One Piece’: Bonney’s distorted future technique explained


The latest chapter 1101 of One Piece has disrupted our long-held assumptions about the series, prompting a reevaluation of everything we thought we knew. With the saga spanning 26 years since its inception, the recent revelation that Luffy’s iconic Gum-Gum fruit might not be what we’ve believed from the series’ outset is a game-changer.

This revelation hints at a plethora of undisclosed mysteries that have remained hidden in plain sight. The ongoing Egghead arc tantalizes with the suggestion that the narrative is far more complex than initially perceived. Recent volumes of the manga have served as a repository of rich lore and comprehensive explanations, each new chapter peeling back layers of character backgrounds, with Bonney being one of the enigmatic figures in focus.

Bonney’s devil fruit powers, previously thought to revolve around age manipulation, take an unexpected turn in chapter 1101 with the introduction of the Age-Age fruit’s clandestine ability: the distorted future technique.



What exactly does this new technique entail for Bonney?

Although the full extent of Bonney’s powers remains elusive, the distorted future technique seemingly allows her to shift into an alternate reality, wielding a different Devil Fruit than her own. However, it appears this ability necessitates prior contact with or at least knowledge of the specific Devil Fruit she intends to use.

It’s crucial to note that the details provided may not be entirely accurate as the chapter awaits an official translation by Viz Media on MangaPlus. Nevertheless, early translations from dedicated fans have shed light on the basic understanding of this technique, although Eiichiro Oda, the creator, might not have unveiled all its intricacies.

The revelation of this power arises from Conney’s plea to Bonney to keep it concealed. However, during Bonney’s confrontation with Alpha, she manipulates reality, projecting a future where she possesses Luffy’s Human-Human Model: Nika Devil Fruit. In this altered state, she assumes the identity of Nika and employs Gear 3’s immense punch on Alpha.

While the full scope and constraints of this power remain ambiguous, it’s increasingly apparent that Bonney’s Devil Fruit could potentially rank among the most formidable in the entire One Piece universe. The ability to reshape reality and wield a different fruit holds substantial potency. Yet, the capacity to harness a fruit as significant as Luffy’s takes this power to an unprecedented level of overwhelming strength.