One Piece 1096: Legends Collide In God Valley!


Chapter 1096 of One Piece delivers an exhilarating and breathtaking experience, living up to fans’ high expectations. This chapter dives into the long-awaited flashback, providing a vivid portrayal of the events transpiring in God Valley. The narrative unfolds in a sensational manner, leaving readers captivated from start to finish.

The chapter commences with the commencement of the Native Hunting Games in God Valley, an event that occurs once every three years. This brutal competition leads to the eradication of an unaffiliated island’s population, followed by its assimilation into the World Government. The inhabitants of the island are designated as “rabbits,” and the participants earn points by hunting them down. Certain “rabbits,” particularly those of exotic and rare races like Kuma, hold higher value.

The Celestial Dragons, driven by their ruthless nature, eagerly participate in the games. Saint Garling Figarland distinguishes himself by swiftly claiming two rare “rabbits,” amassing an impressive 10,000 points. As the games progress, it is unveiled that this year’s rewards are two immensely powerful Devil Fruits. One of them grants the ability to transform into an azure dragon, while the other enables the user to propel objects to various islands across the world. These coveted Devil Fruits become the focal point for many, as they hold the potential for escape from God Valley.


The chapter also unveils the orchestrator of the God Valley Incident—Ginny. Using her remarkable skills, she leaks information to the outside world, attracting the attention of the notorious Rocks Pirates and other formidable pirate crews. Their aim is to seize these potent Devil Fruits, which are speculated to have originated from the Pirate Island itself.

The God Valley Incident escalates with the arrival of the Rocks Pirates, featuring an illustrious roster of notorious figures. Whitebeard, Stussy, Shiki, Linlin, Kaido, and others assemble for what promises to be an epic confrontation.

Amidst the chaos, Kuma employs his “Hands of Liberation.” His actions demonstrate his unwavering commitment to protect the innocent. With quick thinking, he manages to acquire one of the prized Devil Fruits, fortifying his own abilities. Saturn intervenes, underscoring the profound significance of Kuma’s aspiration to emulate Nika.

The chapter concludes with a revelation: Kuma’s selfless act saved 500 lives in God Valley, a heroic deed that remains obscured. Garp receives credit for these actions, while Kuma, Ginny, and Ivankov forge new paths for themselves.

Chapter 1096 leaves readers eagerly anticipating further revelations in this enthralling flashback. The narrative promises to unfold with even more captivating moments, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. Fortunately, there is no hiatus, ensuring that the journey through God Valley’s past will continue in the next installment.