Ohio Walmart shooting most likely due to racially motivated beliefs, says FBI


The mass shooting at a Walmart in Ohio was possibly motivated by a racial beliefs, according to the FBI and authorities.

Benjamin Charles Jones, 20, shot and injured four shoppers inside the store on Monday before taking his own life, shared the police. The investigators have claimed to have collected journal writings that indicated that the shooting was at least partially due to “racially motivated violent extremist” ideology. FBI officials, in a news release, said that they will be investigating further to learn about the motivating factors that led to the attack.

Two of the victims were black women, the others are a white woman and a white man. As of Tuesday, none of the victims remained in critical condition. The rest were considered either stable or their injuries were not life threatening.


The attack was reported at around 8.30 pm in Ohio’s Beavercreek town, which is home to around 50,000 people. Jones was found dead due to a self-inflicted gunshot behind the vision center in the store shortly after Beavercreek’s police arrived at the scene, said the officials in a news conference on Tuesday.