Nvidia RTX 5090 rumors continue to suggest this graphics card will not just be powerful, but also somehow miraculously slim


Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 5090 has once again ignited discussions, this time focusing on the potential slim design of the next-gen flagship GPU.

Reports from VideoCardz highlight insights from Kopite7kimi, a trusted source for GPU leaks on social media platforms. According to Kopite7kimi, Nvidia’s Founders Edition of the RTX 5090 is expected to be a two-slot graphics card.

While this might not seem remarkably thin, it’s quite unusual for a flagship GPU. The current RTX 4090, for example, occupies three or more slots, consuming significant space within PC cases.


Further details from the leaker suggest that the RTX 5090 will feature a dual-fan configuration, indicating a two-slot cooler with two fans to effectively manage temperatures for Nvidia’s Blackwell flagship GPU.

For enthusiasts closely following developments in high-performance GPUs, this rumor may spark skepticism, as is customary with pre-release speculations. However, previous reports have hinted at a slimmer design for the RTX 5090, attributing it to Nvidia’s novel approach to the flagship graphics card’s design. Notably, earlier rumors also suggested a dual-slot cooling solution and a potential memory configuration of 32GB of VRAM for the RTX 5090.

The prospect of a more compact yet powerful GPU raises questions about its power consumption and cooling efficiency. While Kopite7kimi refrains from commenting on power usage, they express confidence in the efficiency of the cooling design.

This development holds promise for enthusiasts who have grappled with fitting bulky GPUs like the RTX 4090 into standard PC cases. If the RTX 5090 indeed delivers improved performance in a slimmer form factor, it could address one of the primary concerns associated with its predecessor.

However, as with any pre-release information, skepticism is warranted. Only time will tell if the RTX 5090 lives up to these expectations. Additionally, there’s speculation that the RTX 5080 might be the first Blackwell GPU to hit the market, potentially delaying the release of the RTX 5090, although it may not be far behind.