North West Takes To Tiktok To Announce Her Dyslexia!


North West, the daughter of reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West, recently shared her diagnosis of dyslexia on social media. This learning disability affects her ability to read, but North bravely spoke out about it in a TikTok live video. Her disclosure was met with a mixed reaction, particularly from her mother Kim Kardashian, who interrupted the livestream and expressed concern over North sharing personal information.

This isn’t the first time North has been in the spotlight. She has shown a natural inclination for being in front of the camera, as evidenced by her TikTok account launched in November 2021. However, this has also led to a few instances where she may have overshared. One notable incident was when she gave a tour of Kardashian’s lavish California mansion on TikTok, which caused some family members to caution her about live streaming without permission.

Despite her mother’s protective instincts, Kim Kardashian faced criticism from social media users for her reaction to North’s dyslexia revelation. Some felt that Kim missed an opportunity to raise awareness about dyslexia and combat the stigma associated with it. They believed that it could have been a valuable moment to discuss the condition and share strategies for support.


At just ten years old, North West has amassed a significant presence on social media. She shares a TikTok account with her famous mother, where she’s gained popularity for her engaging hair and makeup tutorials, as well as occasional travel vlogs. One of her most popular videos features her rapping to a song by Ice Spice. However, this also garnered criticism for the song’s explicit lyrics considering North’s young age.

In response to the controversy, Kim Kardashian acknowledged Kanye West’s concerns about North’s social media use. She admitted that she’s implemented rules to regulate North’s online activities, ensuring that she can only use social media on Kim’s phone with no unrestricted browsing. This strategy aims to strike a balance between allowing North to express herself online and ensuring her safety and well-being in the digital world.