Nolan’s hilariously direct Interstellar pitch is revealed by Matt Damon!


The cameo appearance by Matt Damon is a gem of cinematic delight, transcending even his illustrious career as a leading man in numerous acclaimed and successful films. Damon often graces the screen in brief, supporting roles in movies directed by his close associates like Steven Soderbergh, and it never fails to bring joy. Whether in the Thor series, various Kevin Smith films, Deadpool 2, or even the unexpected Eurotrip, Damon’s surprise appearances add an extra layer of entertainment. Therefore, when Christopher Nolan extended an offer for a minuscule part in one of his masterpieces, “Interstellar,” Damon likely accepted without a second thought.

With the recent unveiling of Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer,” where Matt Damon assumes the significant supporting role of Leslie Groves, one might mistakenly assume it marks their inaugural collaboration. Yet, Damon had indeed graced “Interstellar,” albeit in a diminutive yet menacing capacity.

In a candid revelation during the press circuit for “Oppenheimer,” Damon shared Nolan’s straightforwardness about the role’s size when it was initially proposed to him. According to Damon’s account of Fandango, Nolan’s words were, “You know they say there are no small parts, there are only small actors?” To which Damon enthusiastically responded, “Yeah!” Nolan then forthrightly clarified, “This is a small part.”


When Nolan approached Florence Pugh with the role of Oppenheimer’s paramour, Jean Tatlock, he expressed similar regret about its limited scope. This conversation was likely replicated with nearly every member of the impressive ensemble cast of “Oppenheimer,” as the film boasts a wealth of exceptional actors, despite their relatively brief on-screen moments.