Nintendo Patents Dual-Screen Gaming Device with Splitting Capability!


Nintendo has recently filed a patent for a dual-screen, detachable device, sparking anticipation among fans eagerly awaiting the Switch 2. While patents are not definitive indicators of future products, they do provide intriguing insights into Nintendo’s potential hardware plans.

The patent showcases a device reminiscent of the 3DS, with the unique feature of being able to split into two separate halves. These halves can communicate wirelessly, enabling two players to engage in multiplayer gaming on the same device. When connected, they function much like a DS or 3DS. Additionally, an external touchscreen allows interaction with the handheld even when closed.

If this device comes to fruition, it could open the door to bringing a wealth of essential DS games to the Nintendo Switch Online library. However, it’s important to note that while the patent suggests ongoing development, it’s uncertain if it will eventually become a consumer product.


Notably, the device appears to be designed exclusively for handheld use. The current Switch has successfully merged Nintendo’s handheld and home console markets due to its hybrid nature. Given this, it’s likely that the successor will maintain this approach, especially considering Nintendo’s plan to use Nintendo Accounts for a seamless transition.

Yet, Nintendo is known for its innovative and unexpected moves. The company values out-of-the-box thinking, making a detachable, 3DS-inspired device a plausible addition to their product lineup. As fans eagerly await the Switch 2, all eyes are on Nintendo for any official announcements or reveals regarding their next-generation hardware.