Nikki Haley’s getting buzz, but still has long way to overcome Donald Trump for presidential nomination


Nikki Haley is witnessing a swell in media coverage, new interest from big dollar donors and increasing chatter that she could make a real run at Donald Trump.

However, the reality is often different from buzz. The reality is Haley is facing massive uphill challenge to down the former president and gain the Republican nomination for presidential seat – but the sooner the race can be whittled down to her and Trump, the better her chances will be, however, it will still remain remote.

“I don’t think you can look at the numbers right now and see much of a path for anyone other than Trump,” said Kyle Kondik, an election analyst at the University of Virginia Center for Politics.


As per the data obtained from national opinion polls, Trump currently holds a lead of 50-percentge-point ahead of her, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also in the mix. The former president is also maintaining large leads in early Republican nominating states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.

Still, Haley’s strong performances in her debate shows she is gaining her grip. She has tied with DeSantis and have surpassed him in New Hampshire.