Nikki Haley shoots up to 4% within Donald Trump in latest New Hampshire polls


Nikki Haley has shot up to within 4% of former president Donald Trump in a new poll of New Hampshire presidential voters, a sign of the Republican primary may still have some unexpected twists.

The ex-UN ambassador scored 29% in the Fox News poll, just behind Trump at 33%. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie came in third with 13% support, while Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis clocked in with an anemic 6% support, just a hair ahead of Vivek Ramaswamy, who sits at 5%.

The poll, the second recent survey showing Haley within striking distance of the former president in New Hampshire, came as she enjoys a surge following the endorsement of popular Granite State Gov. Chris Sununu.


Sununu took it to X, formerly known as Twitter, and wrote, “This is a two-person race.”

The former president was quick to denounce this survey as “fake” and name called Haley in a post on his social media site. He also attacked Sununu as “unpopular” despite of him enjoying stellar bipartisan approval ratings.