Nikki Haley is a ‘warmonger’, says Trump Campaign


Intensifying its attack on Indian-American Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, the Trump campaign on Tuesday accused her of being a warmonger. “The fact is that Haley knows she doesn’t have a cogent argument or even a coherent reason for why she should be President. But what voters do know is that she’s a warmonger who would rather throw America into endless wars,” Steven Cheung, Trump spokesperson, said.

“Her bloodthirst is only rivalled by her dependency for Democrats to interfere in the Republican primary,” Cheung said in a strongly worded statement on Tuesday. Former US president Donald Trump has won the first two GOP primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire and is leading by more than 30 percentage points in South Carolina where the primary is scheduled for February 23.

However, Haley’s popularity is gradually picking up in her home state, where she hopes to make a strong showing. On Tuesday, Haley said Trump can’t beat President Joe Biden if he’s spending all his time and money on court cases and chaos. The Trump campaign launched a counterattack immediately. “The fact is that America was safer under President Trump. In the last four years with Crooked Joe Biden, America’s enemies have been emboldened by weak and incompetent leadership from the White House. It would be no different with Nikki Haley at the helm,” Cheung said.


According to the New York Times, Donald Trump’s campaign PAC spent more than USD 50 million of donor money on legal fees in 2023 – not exactly a winning strategy for beating Joe Biden. “Under Donald Trump, Republicans lost in 2018, 2020, and 2022,” said Haley communications director Nachama Soloveichik. “With Trump spending all his campaign money and time on court cases and chaos, we can expect to add 2024 to the list. America deserves a better choice. Nikki Haley is focused on making America strong and proud and making Joe Biden a one-term president,” she said.