Nikki, Brei Garcia are confident Travis Kelce throws Taylor Swift ‘around in bedroom’


Brie and Nikki Garcia are confident that Travis Kelce is throwing Taylor Swift “around in the bedroom.”

“She’s, like, so in love. It’s cause she finally has a real man, like, how he grabs her and throws her around, like girl, yeah.” said Nikki in a TikTok for DailyMail before Brie jumped in and clarified that they “specifically” meant bedroom.

Nikki said, “Well I’m sure he throws her around in the bedroom… I mean, come on.”


The former WWE wrestlers who dropped their Bella Twins name post leaving the organization said that the Blank Space singer’s “strong energy” needed a “real man” that can “handle” her.

While the Garcia twins have nothing but praise towards the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, ‘The View’ co-host Joy Behar said last week that he feels the singer should strive more in her man after reading some of his resurfaced tweets from when he was 22.

Behar argued that the athlete is “illiterate.” He added that being a Swiftie, he loves the singer and appreciates her from bringing young people out to vote, so do not wish for her to be stuck with an “idiot.”

Travis, 34, reacted to his “nonsense” old posts going viral on Wednesday’s ‘New Heights’ podcast, admitting that back then he used Twitter as a “diary.”