Nicolas Cage’s Unusual Behavior Even Surprised His New Director in Dreams


Nicolas Cage‘s upcoming film, “Dream Scenario,” seems to offer an intriguing premise, wherein Cage portrays a college professor who enters people’s dreams. Interestingly, the movie’s director, Kristoffer Borgli, shared a dream he had about Cage just before filming began, where Cage appeared with an unexpected Korean pop star hairstyle, suggesting a peculiar direction for his character’s appearance.

Cage is known for his dedicated approach to his roles, often contributing unique suggestions to his characters. Borgli’s dream, although surreal, reflects Cage’s reputation for bringing unconventional ideas to the table. In this dream scenario, Cage’s proposed hairstyle might have significantly altered the film’s tone, veering it toward comedy, rather than maintaining its intended blend of black comedy with a serious edge.

Nevertheless, “Dream Scenario” has received positive early reviews, with critics and audiences appreciating the film’s current direction. Cage’s recent movies, including “Pig,” “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” “The Old Way,” and “Renfield,” have showcased his versatility and talent, reminding audiences of his capabilities beyond action films. Cage’s commitment to diverse roles and his consistent output are positioning him once more as one of Hollywood’s most intriguing actors.


With several releases and strong performances, Cage seems to be transitioning towards more dramatic roles, garnering acclaim and potentially setting the stage for further recognition, including possible Oscar nominations or wins in the future. His dedication to his craft and willingness to explore varied roles might pave the way for a renewed appreciation of his talent in the industry.