Nicki Minaj’s Son ‘Papa Bear’ Embraces an Extravagant Lifestyle from the Start


Nicki Minaj, known by her birth name Onika Tanya Maraj, has been dedicated to providing the best for her son, Papa Bear, born in 2020. Renowned as the wealthiest female rap artist globally, surpassing the likes of Missy Elliot and Queen Latifah according to Wealthy Gorilla, Minaj’s journey into affluence hasn’t guaranteed enduring financial security, as she disclosed during an Interview Magazine feature with Jada Pinkett Smith in October 2022. Expressing her determination not to fall into the pattern of affluent Black figures who amass wealth only to leave nothing substantial for their children, Minaj highlighted her commitment to her son’s future.

With a net worth of $150 million, Minaj stands equipped to indulge Papa Bear extensively. She has already made significant moves, such as relocating them to a luxurious $19.5 million Hidden Hills residence in 2022, boasting ten bathrooms, eight bedrooms, and lavish amenities like a spa and cabana. Beyond their opulent abode, they traverse in Minaj’s private Gulfstream G5 jet, a purchase reportedly costing at least $43 million according to Auto Evolution. Every aspect of Papa Bear’s life, from his wardrobe adorned with Fendi and Burberry to their extravagant lifestyle, echoes opulence.

Minaj goes all out to celebrate Papa Bear’s birthdays, making grand gestures befitting her son’s status. In 2021, she organized a Kung Fu Panda-themed extravaganza, sharing delightful moments on Instagram with her husband, Kenneth Perry, alongside guests like Tamar Braxton, Brandy, and Cassie.


Elevating the celebration further for Papa Bear’s second birthday in 2022, Minaj orchestrated a Minions-themed festivity against the backdrop of their picturesque estate overlooking stunning mountain ranges. Collaborating with planners, she transformed the backyard into a wonderland with an array of activities: an ice cream machine, cotton candy maker, smoothie station, bouncy house, slime station, and more, as detailed on her Instagram.

Not only does Minaj spoil her son, but her celebrity friends also shower Papa Bear with lavish gifts and gestures. Lil Wayne notably contributed a slew of designer clothes for Papa Bear’s first birthday, an act that left Minaj in awe and gratitude, as she revealed on her since-deleted Instagram stories. Meanwhile, Diddy covered the alcohol expenses for the adult guests by gifting premium vodka and tequila.

Among these generous gestures, Beyoncé stands out for sending Nicki Minaj promotional bundles from her Ivy Park line, including outfits for Papa Bear. Sharing her excitement on Instagram, Minaj referred to Beyoncé as “Aunty B,” highlighting the personal touch to the gifts and their relationship.