Nicki Minaj Gets Ridiculed For Addressing Princess Diana As Her ‘Dear Friend’ During Her Birmingham Show


Nicki Minaj’s recent concert in Birmingham took an unexpected turn when she referred to the late Princess Diana as her ‘dear friend.’ The rapper, known for her outspoken nature, paused her performance to honor the memory of Princess Diana, who remains a beloved figure in British history. As Minaj handed her pink microphone to a concertgoer from Wales, she took the opportunity to reminisce about the Princess of Wales, highlighting the connection the mention of Wales evoked in her mind.

During the concert, Minaj, with a British accent, fondly recalled Princess Diana, acknowledging her significance despite her absence. This unexpected tribute led to a moment of silence in the audience, showcasing the impact and reverence Princess Diana continues to command even decades after her passing. The incident, captured and shared on TikTok, sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with netizens expressing a range of sentiments.

While some applauded Minaj’s gesture as a touching tribute to Princess Diana, others criticized it, questioning the authenticity of her connection to the late royal. The wide spectrum of reactions reflected the complex nature of celebrity interactions and the public’s perception of such gestures.


In the midst of this incident, Minaj also found herself embroiled in controversy surrounding her response to DJ Boof, threatening to fire him for signing a fan’s chest. This further fueled the discourse surrounding Minaj’s actions, with social media users weighing in on both incidents and offering their opinions on the rapper’s behavior.

As Minaj continues to navigate the spotlight, her actions, whether intentional or not, serve as fodder for public scrutiny and discussion, highlighting the intricacies of fame and the expectations placed upon celebrities in the public eye.