New Yankees Recruit Opens Up: Expresses Frustration Over Red Sox Trade to New York


The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, two perennial rivals in baseball, recently engaged in a rare trade – only the seventh such deal between the historic franchises in the past half-century. Just prior to securing the significant acquisition of Juan Soto during baseball’s offseason, the Yankees made another noteworthy catch in outfielder Alex Verdugo, approximately 24 hours earlier.

Verdugo, once a highly touted prospect, hadn’t quite lived up to expectations in Boston and had encountered some challenges with his former team. As a result, the Red Sox opted to trade him to the Bronx.

However, Verdugo’s initial reaction upon learning of the trade was one of frustration and disbelief, expressing his genuine surprise and annoyance at being sent to a rival team, particularly the Yankees. He openly admitted his initial feelings, stating, “The genuine reaction was mad. I was hot. I was just like, ‘Man, they really sent me to the rivals? The Yankees?’”


Yet, unlike some previous instances where rival players joined the Yankees, like Roger Clemens in 1999, Verdugo’s sentiments began to shift. He started to reflect on his relationship with Boston’s manager, Alex Cora, and as he started moving forward, members of the Yankees reached out to him, extending warm welcomes and helping him acclimate to his new team.

Verdugo shared that after about a day, he began to reconsider. Memories of his time with the Red Sox surfaced, but the outreach from prominent Yankees players like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Gerrit Cole, and Anthony Rizzo reassured him. Their welcoming gestures ignited his excitement about joining the Yankees, setting aside initial frustrations for a fresh start.

Eager to assimilate into the team culture, Verdugo promptly adhered to the Yankees’ facial-hair policy and began working out daily while proudly wearing the team’s iconic cap. He expressed his enthusiasm for this new chapter, emphasizing, “Fresh start, it feels good.”

Now part of the Yankees outfield, alongside Judge, Soto, and Trent Grisham (acquired in the Soto trade), Verdugo aims to contribute significantly. He holds a career .252/.299/.437 slash line at Yankee Stadium, showcasing his ability to perform well in the Bronx, having hit five home runs, seven doubles, and 12 RBIs across 31 games there.

Verdugo’s transition from the Red Sox to the Yankees has seen an initial shift from frustration to excitement, signaling the potential for a new and promising chapter in his career within the storied rivalry of the Yankees and Red Sox.