New ‘Napoleon’ Teaser Sets the Stage for an Epic Battle Royale!


Next month, audiences will have the opportunity to witness director Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated historical epic, “Napoleon,” on the grandeur of the big screen. As the film’s debut approaches, a fresh teaser has been unveiled via Sony Pictures’ official Twitter account, offering a breathtaking glimpse into the film’s intense battle sequences. The teaser showcases the Academy Award-winning Joaquin Phoenix portraying the historical figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, leading a thunderous cavalry charge against his adversaries. The sheer magnitude of the epic is vividly portrayed with thousands of soldiers engaged in the midst of a brutal conflict. While this teaser provides just a taste of what’s in store, the movie’s official R-rating suggests audiences can brace themselves for an unflinchingly gritty portrayal of war.

Given its biographical nature, “Napoleon” is expected to deliver a barrage of monumental battle scenes, a signature of Ridley Scott’s directorial style. However, the film promises to be more than just a spectacle of action. It delves into the Emperor’s ascension to power and explores his complex relationship with Empress Joséphine, portrayed by Vanessa Kirby, offering a deeper understanding of the psychology behind a conqueror.

The upcoming movie boasts an impressive runtime of 2 hours and 38 minutes, a characteristic flourish from Scott. Additionally, a director’s cut is already in the works, promising an extended version that will reportedly span over four hours. This extended edition will delve further into Joséphine’s formative years, adding an extra layer of depth to the narrative.


While the release date for the director’s cut of “Napoleon” remains unknown, it is slated to premiere exclusively on Apple TV+ following the film’s complete theatrical run. With approximately ninety minutes of additional footage incorporated into the extended version, it raises the intriguing question of how the film will maintain the coherence of its story. Only time will unveil how this cinematic triumph will fare on the big screen this Thanksgiving.

Global audiences can anticipate the grand arrival of “Napoleon” in theaters on November 22. Take a look at the captivating new teaser for this upcoming historical masterpiece below.