Netizens Mock Meghan Markle for ‘Cringey’ Coffee Ad Appearance as an ‘Intern’: Social Media Reacts


Meghan Markle recently appeared in an Instagram ad for Clevr Blends coffee, portraying a diligent intern while CEO Hannah Mendoza gave a virtual tour of the company’s headquarters. In the video, Mendoza praised the Clevr team while humorously showcasing Markle “lovingly packing lattes” and being part of the digital team.


However, this ad featuring Markle faced criticism from several Instagram users. Some sarcastically commented on her role, referencing her previous status as a Duchess and her transition to a more common role in an advertisement. Criticisms included remarks about her apparent shift from royal duties to a commercial for coffee.

Conversely, there were also supporters who found entertainment in her appearance and praised her acting, noting her past work in the TV series “Suits.” Some commented positively on her multitasking abilities and her commitment to supporting female founders and sustainable sourcing.

The Instagram ad featuring Markle aligns with rumors suggesting her potential return to Hollywood. Markle has been involved with Clevr for several years, showing enthusiasm for the product and its values, becoming an investor, adviser, and advocate for the brand’s sustainability initiatives and food justice programs. These recent appearances in Clevr’s promotions are speculated to be part of her strategic planning for a return to the entertainment industry.