Netflix’s Alice in Borderland Season 3 Renewal Update!


Netflix has officially confirmed that ‘Alice in Borderland’ will be returning for a third season, following the bombshell ending of season 2,” announced the streaming giant. The finale of the second season left fans with more questions than answers, as Arisu and his companions found themselves facing The Joker. The unexpected turn of events had the weary gamers questioning if they had truly returned to the “real world.”

The announcement of the show’s renewal was met with excitement from fans, eager to see how the story will unfold. While a specific release date for the new season has yet to be confirmed, it is anticipated that fans won’t have to endure the same prolonged wait as between seasons 1 and 2, thanks to a smoother production process unaffected by COVID-19 delays.

‘Alice in Borderland’ has captivated Netflix audiences, becoming the most-watched title in Japan following the release of its second season. Based on the manga series by Haro Aso, the show follows Arisu’s journey in a mysterious parallel universe, where his survival hinges on his ability to succeed in a series of perilous games.


The series’ popularity has been global, earning a spot in the Top 10 list in over 90 countries, and claiming the number 1 spot in 17 of them. It accumulated an impressive 200 million viewing hours worldwide.

Fans can look forward to the return of Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tyschiya, reprising their roles as Arisu and Usagi in the upcoming season. Director Shinsuke Sato will also be back at the helm. Additionally, Aya Asahina, Nijirô Murakami, and Ayaka Miyoshi, who portray Kuina, Chishiya, and Ann, are expected to make a return after surviving the intense challenges of the last season.

For those eager to catch up or relive the excitement, both seasons of ‘Alice in Borderland’ are available for streaming on Netflix.