Netflix Finally Sets A release Date For Believer 2!


In addition to cultivating its own array of successful franchises, Netflix has shown a penchant for acquiring existing properties and expanding upon them. This approach has led to the eagerly awaited release of “Believer 2,” a project that has been in the making for nearly five years.

The original film, itself a reimagining of the Chinese crime thriller “Drug War,” proved to be a significant hit in Korean cinemas in May of 2018. Its success was notable, raking in close to $40 million in ticket sales. Not only did it achieve this impressive financial feat, but it also garnered three million admissions in less than a fortnight, setting a record as the fastest-selling title of the year and marking the first film of its kind to exceed five million admissions in total.


Given these stellar achievements, it’s easy to understand the greenlighting of a sequel, even though it raises an eyebrow that “Believer 2” is slated for exclusive distribution on Netflix, deviating from the strategy that contributed to its predecessor’s box office triumph. Regardless, fans can now rejoice as the first trailer has dropped, signalling a highly anticipated debut on November 17.

Continuing the narrative thread left by the original, “Believer 2” will delve into an investigation intertwined with a notorious drug-running syndicate, coinciding with a perplexing missing persons case. The trailer tantalizingly assures viewers of a cocktail of visceral action, punctuated by a deluge of adrenaline-fueled encounters involving blood, bullets, and high-octane intensity.

Korean content has long been a treasure trove of audience engagement for Netflix, establishing a legacy over the years. It stands to reason that a high-octane crime saga, arriving five years after its predecessor, will make an impressive splash within weeks of its release. The stage is set for “Believer 2” to captivate audiences once more, promising an electrifying continuation of the tale that left viewers eagerly anticipating what comes next.