Netflix Dominated by Stephen Graham’s New Series ‘Bodies’


October is the perfect time of year for a bone-chilling thriller series, and “Bodies” has swiftly become a top contender on Netflix’s charts. Adapted from the Vertigo comic series of the same name, “Bodies” introduces a murder mystery with a unique twist. The narrative unfolds through the perspectives of three detectives working on the same case across different time periods in London. This concoction of traditional British crime drama with elements of time travel has positioned it as one of the standout Netflix series of the year.

Unsurprisingly, the series has claimed the number one spot on the UK series chart since its release on October 19th. For those who’ve delved into it, the inventive concept coupled with a talented cast has made it a gripping watch.

For those yet to dive in, episode one sets the stage with a deceased body discovered on Longharvest Lane in present-day London. Astonishingly, the same body reappears in the exact same location in 1890, 1941, and 2053. As detectives from each era embark on their investigations, they become entangled in a plot that holds the potential to alter the course of London’s history – just another day on the job.


In 2023, Detective Hasan stumbles upon the body amidst a protest. In 1941, it’s Detective Whiteman, a Jewish officer contending with anti-Semitism within his department. In 1890, the discovery falls to the closeted Detective Hillinghead. Episode one concludes with a tantalizing glimpse into the fourth investigation set in 2053, within a dystopian London.

“Bodies” boasts a compelling central mystery set against vastly different historical periods, contributing to its rapid rise in popularity. Despite not generating much buzz leading up to its release, the show has emerged as a sleeper hit, winning over both subscribers and critics alike. Its genre-blending storyline feels invigorating, and having Stephen Graham at the forefront only adds to its appeal.