Negotiators working towards extending truce between Hamas and Israel: Key takeaway points


As the extended truce between Israel and Hamas reaches its sixth and potentially the last day on Wednesday, the diplomatic efforts are underway to maintain the pause in fighting.

The agreement between Israel and Hamas was extended Monday for two additional days. Now, Hamas is “striving to extend the truce,” a member of the militant’s group’s political wing said. Ghazi Hamad said Hamas is using all its remaining cards in the current negotiations.

The expectation is that is everything goes well, Hamas can issue a letter of additional 10 hostages, it plans to release, which will extend the truce by another 24 hours, as per the source familiar with the ongoing discussions in Doha, Qatar.


Qatar had mediated the original truce agreement between Israel and Hamas, which also involved the United States and Egypt.

The source has added that the negotiators believe that there are enough women and children in Hamas’ captivity for the truce to be extended by two days before the negotiations for men and soldiers will begun.

Here’s what else you need to know: 

  • As per the terms of the four-day truce deal, Hamas was required to release at least 50 Israeli hostages in return for 150 Palestinian prisoners from Israel. Both the sides were prioritizing women and children.
  • CIA Director William Burns landed in Qatar on Tuesday to discuss the men and soldiers being held captive in Gaza.
  • It must also be noted that Israel has vowed to demolish Hamas from Gaza. During his visit to troops in Gaza, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had said that the military will resume the fight whenever the truce deal ends or all the hostages are back.