Natalee Holloway’s Brother Sends a Direct Warning to Joran Van Der Sloot!


Natalee Holloway’s brother Matt Holloway has issued a stern warning to Joran van der Sloot — who recently stood trial for attempting to extort his family about where to find her buried body.According to the New York Post, van der Sloot confessed to murdering Holloway, who was on a senior trip with her classmates in 2005. The assumed killer revealed that he killed Natalee after she refused to sleep with him. “I keep feeling her up either way … she ends up kneeing me in the crotch,” shared van der Sloot. He then kicked Natalee and struck her in the head with a cinder block. “I smash her head in with it completely,” van der Sloot gruesomely revealed. Then he discarded her body in the ocean.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear whether van der Sloot, who was found guilty in the extortion case, will ever serve time for Natalee’s murder. Following van der Sloot’s confession, Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway, spoke with People and shared her feelings about van der Sloot’s long-awaited confession. “Even though knowing the answer from such a brutal confession can just blister and burn your soul, I needed to know what happened,” Beth revealed. Despite everything, the grieving mother feels a sense of victory since learning the truth. Beth isn’t the only person in Natalee’s family to speak out about van der Sloot’s confession. Natalee’s brother has also shared some harsh, yet deserving words for van der Sloot.

Natalee Holloway’s brother threatened Joran van der Sloot


Natalee Holloway’s brother, Matt Holloway, recently spoke with TMZ and shared that he’s not impressed with Joran van der Sloot’s confession or his claim that he’s converted to Christianity. “Everybody who goes to prison finds religion,” said Matt. “I don’t believe him one bit,” he added, claiming that he thinks van der Sloot confessed to help himself in his case. Matt then warned Van der Sloot that he plans to fight him. “I’m going to whoop his a** when he thinks he’s a free man … I don’t mind saying that in public. I don’t care if I get in trouble for it. That’s what’s going to happen. There’s not a jury in the world that’s going to put me in jail for that.” Matt also think he’d have support in the matter.

Later in the interview, Matt revealed his enduring hope that van der Sloot faces some consequences for confessing to Natalee’s murder. He also pointed fingers towards van der Sloot’s father, whom he believed used his legal background to help keep his son out of prison. During an interview with Court TV, Matt made similar comments. “He’s been such a liar,” said Matt (via Christian Post). “This, the past, his whole life. That’s all he is, is just a psychopathic liar. So I take it, I take it lightly,” he added.