Naomie Olindo’s Remarkable Evolution: A Stunning Transformation Unveiled


Naomie Olindo’s journey began long before her appearance on “Southern Charm” alongside Craig Conover. In a candid conversation on the “Mouthing Off” podcast, she revealed her involvement in a summer 2012 pilot that never aired. At that point, she hadn’t started dating Conover. When “Southern Charm” received the green light in 2014, and she and Conover became a couple, Olindo initially distanced herself from the show. She even contributed to the negative perception of it in Charleston, where people, including her friends and family, were against its portrayal of the city. However, her stance evolved over time, leading to her eventual participation in the show.

Before her reality TV fame, Naomie Olindo had a strong connection to Charleston. Originally from Nice, France, her family moved to Charleston when she was nine years old. She fell in love with the city and completed her education there. Her French heritage and love for Charleston played a pivotal role in establishing her boutique, L’abeye.

Her relationship with Craig Conover had its beginnings in college, where they initially crossed paths. Despite initial indifference from Olindo, they later connected during Charleston Fashion Week and embarked on a relationship that eventually unfolded on “Southern Charm.” Their journey on the show showcased the highs and lows of their romance, including moments of commitment and the challenges of a fast-paced relationship.


Beyond her television presence, Olindo displayed her philanthropic side by participating in a marathon to raise funds for an orphan support organization. Her dedication to charitable causes was evident throughout her personal endeavors.

However, her relationship with Conover faced its own challenges and ultimately ended in 2017. Their breakup was attributed to differences that became irreconcilable, highlighting the complexity of their relationship dynamics.

In a bold move, Olindo underwent a rhinoplasty, openly discussing her decision and the importance of making such choices for oneself. Her openness about the procedure encouraged conversations around plastic surgery and self-image.

After her split from Conover, Olindo began dating Metul Shah, with whom she shared a public relationship. However, their three-year relationship ended amid allegations of infidelity on Shah’s part, prompting Olindo’s return to Charleston from New York.

Her life took a significant turn when she faced the loss of her father to cancer in 2019. This deeply emotional period saw Olindo grappling with grief and its impact on her eating habits and mental well-being.

Amidst personal challenges, including her breakup with Shah, Olindo surprised fans by sharing a brief romantic involvement with “Southern Charm” creator Whitney Sudler-Smith. This revelation caused a stir among her co-stars and viewers, leading to unexpected reactions within the show’s dynamic.

Despite her notable presence on the show, Naomie Olindo made a surprising absence from the ninth season of “Southern Charm.” Speculation surrounded her departure, with various theories emerging from conflicts with co-stars to legal issues with a former business partner.

However, Olindo has continued her active engagement on social media, diving into influencer partnerships and sharing glimpses of her daily life. Her departure from the show remains a subject of intrigue, with fans and media outlets speculating about her reasons for exiting the series. As of now, Olindo hasn’t publicly addressed her departure from “Southern Charm.”