‘My Hero Academia’ season 7 English dub release date, confirmed


My Hero Academia fans have plenty to look forward to as the franchise takes center stage in the Spring anime season. With the highly anticipated release of Season 7’s English dub and the special four-episode recap titled My Hero Academia: Memories, excitement among fans is at an all-time high.

My Hero Academia: Memories offers viewers a nostalgic journey through the series’ key moments, serving as a comprehensive recap of pivotal events. From the origins of the Quirk-transferring power, One For All, to the intricate schemes of the formidable villain, All For One, the recap covers essential plot points. Additionally, fans can relive the anime’s intense showdowns, including encounters with adversaries like the menacing Muscular.

By refreshing memories and revisiting significant moments, Memories sets the stage for the upcoming season. The refresher episodes began airing on April 20, 2024, on Crunchyroll, allowing fans to relive their favorite moments ahead of the new season.


For fans who prefer the English dub experience, the release date for Season 7’s English dub of My Hero Academia has been confirmed for May 4, 2024. While English dubs may be a topic of debate within the anime community, MHA’s English dub has earned praise for the talents of its voice actors. With the dub scheduled to debut, fans can immerse themselves in the latest season’s action and drama in their preferred language.

Overall, the confirmation of the English dub release date for My Hero Academia Season 7, alongside the premiere of Memories, marks an exciting moment for fans of the franchise. As anticipation reaches new heights, viewers can eagerly anticipate diving back into the world of heroes and villains, ready to embark on another thrilling adventure with their favorite characters.