‘My Hero Academia’: Is Bakugo related to the second user of One for All?


In the world of My Hero Academia, fan theories often circulate about various characters, and one long-standing theory involved Katsuki Bakugo and his possible relation to the second user of One for All, Kudo. This speculation stemmed from their strikingly similar appearances, leading fans to wonder if there was a bloodline connection between the two.

However, in chapter 408 of the manga, All for One explicitly denies any blood relation between Bakugo and Kudo. During an encounter where Bakugo tries to prevent All for One from reaching Shigaraki, the villain acknowledges the resemblance between Bakugo and Kudo. He even briefly considers the possibility that Bakugo might be Kudo’s descendant but ultimately dismisses this thought, confirming that Bakugo is not related to Kudo by blood.

All for One reveals that he had systematically killed every member of Kudo’s family, ensuring that his bloodline would not continue. He is certain that if Bakugo were related to Kudo, he would have noticed it during their encounter in Kamino. This revelation settles the speculation about any familial connection between Bakugo and Kudo.


Regarding their similar appearance, All for One acknowledges that Bakugo’s eyes exhibit a similar determination and willpower that he sees in Kudo. This determination, symbolized by their eyes and possibly their red eye color, contributes to their likeness. From a storytelling perspective, the resemblance serves to highlight the thematic roles they play in the conflict between All for One and One for All, with both characters standing against the villain in their respective ways.

While fans may have entertained the theory of Bakugo and Kudo being related, the revelation of their lack of blood relation adds an element of subversion to the storyline. It defies the expected trope of a familial connection, emphasizing the thematic parallels between the characters without relying on a family twist, which the series has already explored in other contexts.