My Hero Academia Chapter 407 Release date: When will it release?


Revelations about the lore of All for One in the recent Chapter 407 of My Hero Academia shattered any preconceived notions fans might have had about this formidable antagonist. This pivotal chapter followed Katsuki Bakugo’s impressive confrontation with the overarching villain in Chapter 406, prompting Kohei Horikoshi to unveil crucial insights into All for One’s past. While previous glimpses delved into All for One’s ascendancy to power, nothing could brace readers for the revelation of his childhood origins, distinguishing between villains made and those inherently born. All for One unmistakably belongs to the latter category.

Chapter 407 momentarily halts the primary battle, delving deep into the past, starting with a pregnant woman afflicted by a mysterious ailment resulting in a spike growth on her arm. This woman, the mother of both All for One and Yoichi Shigaraki, gave birth to them beside a river before succumbing to death. The spike represented her quirk, vanishing post-birth, absorbed by her son’s burgeoning abilities.

Fast forward a year, and the luminescent baby, heralded as the first individual to manifest a quirk, enters the world. Scientific studies attribute quirks to a new genetic factor, causing societal upheaval as this information surfaces. Those possessing powers become stigmatized as inhuman, fostering extremist factions against meta-abilities. Years later, when a group echoing these sentiments crosses paths with All for One, he uses his first stolen quirk—his mother’s—to eradicate them.


This chapter not only offers a fresh lens on the history of quirks in the series but also provides profound insights into All for One’s motivations and his relationship with his twin brother. It starkly showcases the villain’s profound selfishness, his conviction that the world, and everything within it, is his dominion, even including ownership over his brother. The turning point arrives with Kudou, who extends a helping hand to Yoichi, freeing him from All for One’s grasp. This sheds light on the villain’s deep-seated resentment towards Kudou for everything that went awry in his life, as previously hinted in the narrative.

For fans eager to explore this monumental chapter, it’s crucial to wait for the official English release on Manga Plus to grasp the nuances comprehensively. Scheduled for release on Sunday, Nov. 19, at 9 am CT, this chapter promises to deliver a more profound understanding of the storyline, offering a comprehensive perspective on these crucial revelations.

As the series approaches its final arc, each detail becomes increasingly crucial. Fans are advised not to overlook any subtleties while diving into this compelling narrative.