Monomi Park’s popular game “Slime Rancher” to get the hollywood treatment


Monomi Park’s critically acclaimed creation, “Slime Rancher,” has achieved both critical praise and remarkable commercial success on the Steam platform, with over six million copies sold since its initial early access release in 2016. With the recent launch of its sequel, “Slime Rancher 2,” in September 2022, the franchise’s popularity continues to surge. Now, as revealed in Deadline’s preliminary report, the gaming sensation is poised to receive the cinematic treatment.

Following the pattern of bringing video game characters like Mario and Sonic to life in Hollywood blockbusters, it seems that the escapades of the titular protagonist, Beatrix Lebeau, are on the path to the silver screen. Monomi Park is collaborating with Story Kitchen to bring this cinematic vision to fruition. Story Kitchen, a studio tailored for adapting video games, boasts a lineup of industry veterans, including Derek Kolstad, the mastermind behind “John Wick,” Dmitri M. Johnson, producer of “Sonic the Hedgehog,” and Mike Goldberg, a former APA agent. Story Kitchen’s ongoing projects encompass film and TV adaptations of well-known gaming titles like “Tomb Raider,” “Streets of Rage,” “Sifu,” “Splinter Cell,” and “Toejam & Earl.”

While specific details regarding the film’s focal points remain shrouded in secrecy, given that Beatrix Lebeau occupies the central role in both “Slime Rancher” games, it’s reasonable to speculate that her narrative will take center stage. With Beatrix embarking on a journey to uncover fresh opportunities beyond Earth’s bounds, the potential for a compelling storyline is immense. Monomi Park’s co-founder, Nick Popovich, has expressed his enthusiasm for the adaptation, resonating with the fervent response from fans who hold a deep affection for the game’s universe.


While the film’s release date remains undisclosed, fans can continue to immerse themselves in slime-filled adventures through the gaming experiences. It’s important to note that, much like the games themselves, the film adaptation has the potential to enthrall viewers and command their attention effectively. Given the sequel’s impressive sales figures and overwhelmingly positive reviews, the future of slime ranching appears bright and brimming with promise.