Monday Night Football announces revamped broadcast crew featuring NFL experts


ESPN’s iconic Monday Night Football is undergoing an exciting transformation, as a dynamic lineup of seasoned NFL experts joins the broadcasting team. The revamped crew will include Robert Griffin III, alongside established names like Scott Van Pelt, Ryan Clark, and Marcus Spears. This infusion of talent is set to provide viewers with a fresh perspective and an enriched understanding of the game.

Scott Van Pelt, a well-respected and familiar face on ESPN, will lead the charge in his inaugural foray into live broadcasting. Known for his SportsCenter hosting duties, Van Pelt will now take the helm for the NFL’s weekly telecast on ESPN. This shift is poised to bolster the Monday Night Football experience.

Joining Van Pelt are three former NFL stars, each with a distinguished football career. Robert Griffin III, a former Heisman Trophy winner, Ryan Clark, and Marcus Spears collectively bring a wealth of on-field experience and insider knowledge. Their status as former first-round picks further underscores their proficiency in the sport.


Adding to the impressive roster of experts are Larry Fitzgerald and Alex Smith, former NFL players who will contribute their unique insights. This array of voices, steeped in firsthand NFL experiences, aims to elevate the quality of analysis and discussion for Monday Night Football viewers.

The broadcast will also feature prominent names Michelle Beisner-Buck and Adam Schefter, who will provide additional reporting and commentary. The diverse perspectives and deep understanding of the NFL landscape promise an engaging and comprehensive viewing experience.

Importantly, the addition of this new crew does not overshadow the popular Manningcast, which showcases Peyton Manning and Eli Manning alongside special guests. This unique alternative broadcast will continue as scheduled, enhancing the diverse ways fans can enjoy Monday Night Football.