MLS: Lionel Messi’s impact on Inter Miami and his American sojourn


Lionel Messi’s presence in Major League Soccer (MLS) and the broader American sports landscape has been transformative, reaching beyond the pitch to influence various aspects of sports culture and media. His arrival has driven up Inter Miami ticket prices, elevating the club’s status in MLS. Their recent Leagues Cup victory, featuring Messi’s contribution of 10 goals in seven matches, underscores his influence.

Messi’s resonance goes beyond sports arenas, propelling Inter Miami to become a prominent US sports team on Instagram, even surpassing notable NBA and NFL franchises. Apple TV+ subscriptions also saw a boost due to Messi’s appeal.

In a revealing Apple TV+ interview prior to the Leagues Cup final, Messi candidly discussed joining Inter Miami. Family played a pivotal role, with Messi recounting the challenges they faced during his tenure with Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1. The move to the US represented a fresh beginning, reminiscent of his Barcelona days, focusing on family well-being.


Messi’s journey to the US revitalized his career and brought joy to his family, showcasing the extensive impact of his presence on and off the field.