Miranda Cosgrove admits she has never experienced being drunk or smoked


Miranda Cosgrove is one of the good girls of Hollywood.

The ‘Drake and Josh’ alum revealed to her former on-screen elder brother, Josh Peck, that she has never been drunk or smoked.

“I’ve never been drunk in my entire life. Crazy,” she said on Peck and co-host Ben Soffer’s “Good Guys” podcast.


However, she also pointed out that she is open to having that experience.

Josh, who has been having a drug and alcohol problem during the height of his fame and has remained sober since 2008, was shocked by Miranda’s response.

“Someone get this girl sh*t-housed, would ya?” he said while laughing. “I mean, this poor girl has never experienced being drunk.”

Miranda went on to confess that she’s also never been buzzed. “I have sipped things before, but, like, two sips.”

The actress admitted that she did not have a good reason for not being drunk even once, despite attending USC – a campus she recalled which takes partying very seriously.