Minecraft’s Latest Update Amplifies Spiders’ Size, Amplifying the Horror Factor


The Minecraft community has witnessed an inventive use of the new “size” attribute command by a player named PenguinTheOrgalorg. Utilizing this command, the player altered the size of spiders, rendering them much larger than their usual in-game appearance. By reducing the size of these arachnids to scales of 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 and releasing them in a confined space, the player created a nightmarish scenario where the spiders, resembling real-life counterparts in size, chased and attacked, evoking a horror movie-like experience within Minecraft.

We can now have normal sized spiders with the new size attribute
byu/PenguinTheOrgalorg inMinecraft


The innovative use of the “size” attribute command not only intrigued but also frightened players within the Minecraft community. The demonstration showcased the potential for altering the game’s mobs and characters, leading some to humorously suggest adding a flamethrower or creating spider nests in the Nether to further intensify the terrifying encounters. PenguinTheOrgalorg explained in the comments that additional attributes like modifying health, damage, and other aspects of mobs are possible due to the introduction of more Minecraft commands, providing players with various means to explore and manipulate the game environment.

This new command is a part of snapshot 23w51b, available for Minecraft: Java Edition. Alongside this command, the snapshot introduced features such as the armadillo and wolf armor, which are set to be officially released in the major update 1.21. However, despite its introduction, the wolf armor didn’t resonate as expected with Minecraft players.

The use of new commands and attributes within Minecraft’s snapshots offers players creative and novel ways to alter the game’s environment and experiences, demonstrating the versatility and innovation potential inherent in Minecraft’s gameplay.