Minecraft Introduces Updates to Enhance the New Armadillo Mob


Mojang’s recent announcement regarding changes to the armadillo mob in Minecraft has sparked excitement among fans. After feedback from the Minecraft community expressed concerns about the visual appearance of the armadillo, specifically the placement of its eyes, Mojang revealed plans for an updated design.

Initially showcased in the lead-up to Minecraft Live 2023, the armadillo won the mob vote, generating substantial anticipation among players. However, when the mob was added to testing in the game, players noticed that the eyes were positioned differently, situated on the front of the face rather than on the sides as initially portrayed.

Following the release of the initial snapshot and beta featuring the armadillo, players shared their disappointment with the eye positioning on social media. Responding to community feedback, Mojang announced on Twitter that they would introduce a “new iteration” of the armadillo design in 2024. The developer emphasized that this change stemmed from community input and shared a screenshot revealing the mob with its eyes placed on the sides of its head, adhering to the rectangular design seen previously.


The response from the Minecraft community has been largely positive, with over 13,000 users liking Mojang’s announcement on Twitter. Reddit discussions have also highlighted the consensus that the updated eye positioning contributes to a cuter appearance for the armadillo. Some users expressed that front-facing eyes are more typical of predators, which didn’t suit the passive nature of the armadillo.

While the attention has been on adjusting the armadillo, some players have also raised concerns about the appearance of wolf armor in Minecraft, which is crafted using scutes dropped by armadillos. Criticisms focus on the placement of knee pads, which some believe look incorrect. Whether Mojang will address these concerns and adjust the wolf armor in future updates remains uncertain.

As Mojang plans to implement the updated armadillo design in 2024, the exact release date remains unknown. However, the prompt response to community feedback regarding the armadillo suggests that future adjustments, including potential changes to wolf armor, might be considered as well. Minecraft enthusiasts eagerly await further developments and updates as the game continues to evolve based on player input and developer improvements.