Miley Cyrus’ half-brother Trace Cyrus’ Controversial Life


The Cyrus family is no stranger to controversy, with incidents like Miley Cyrus’ infamous foam finger twerk at the 2013 VMAs and Billy Cyrus’ eyebrow-raising engagement to Australian singer Firerose. Miley and Billy are both well-known figures in the music industry, with Miley being a global megastar and Billy gaining fame for his hit song “Achy Breaky Heart.”

Another notable member of the Cyrus family is Miley’s half-brother, Trace Cyrus, known for his musical talent and a penchant for making headlines for various reasons. Trace, the oldest son of Tish Cyrus and her ex Baxter Neal Helson, was the guitarist for the band Metro Station, which experienced both success and splits in the 2010s. It’s important to consider Trace’s behavior in the context of his mental health struggles, as he has openly discussed his challenges with substance abuse and mental well-being.

In August 2023, Trace Cyrus sparked controversy by criticizing women on OnlyFans, suggesting that they may have difficulty finding long-term relationships with morally upstanding men. His comments faced backlash for perceived slut-shaming.


Trace has also been candid about the challenges he faces due to his family’s fame. He expressed the belief that he might have achieved even greater success if he weren’t part of a famous family, asserting that people often judge him unfairly based on his relations.

In the past, Trace Cyrus publicly criticized his own bandmates’ music, which led to tensions within Metro Station. He later expressed gratitude for the band and its fans, indicating a change in perspective.

Additionally, Trace has been involved in public disputes with other bands, such as All Time Low, defending Metro Station’s reputation.

In terms of his romantic life, Trace Cyrus has had high-profile relationships, including a seven-year relationship with Disney alum Brenda Song. This relationship was marked by drama, including a failed engagement and controversy over pregnancy rumours. He also dated artist Taylor Lauren Sanders, with whom he was briefly engaged.

It’s worth noting that Trace Cyrus has been open about his struggles with mental health, emphasizing the importance of understanding his actions in light of these challenges. His journey reflects the complexity of dealing with fame, family ties, mental health, and personal relationships in the public eye.