Michelle Monaghan reveals husband Peter White’s reaction to her making out with Tom Cruise on their honeymoon


Michelle Monaghan’s husband has her back.

Peter White was nothing but “proud” of her wife, when she skipped their honeymoon plans, in order to shoot for the movie – Mission Impossible III – even though her first scene was to get intimate with Tom Cruise.

After locking her lips with Tom, Michelle dished excitedly to Peter about the “amazing” moment.


In a recent interview with the Collider, the actress recalled her husband saying “‘How cool is that you were making out with Tom Cruise on our honeymoon?'” She explained that it is because we are such fans.

The ‘True Detective’ alum praised her sweet partner for being so proud and added that his reaction served as a “testament to the man [she] married.”

The actress shared that her husband has been totally supportive and is excited for the opportunities she gets. “We just got married and really discovered our careers in New York together, and so that was really special.”

The couple shares two children – daughter Willow, 14, and son Tommy, 9 – together.