Michael Strahan’s Twin Daughters, Isabella and Sophia, Are Now All Grown Up!


In October 2004, Michael Strahan’s family grew with the arrival of twin daughters, Isabella and Sophie, born to him and his then-wife, Jean Muggli. Fast forward to October 2022, and the twins celebrated their 18th birthday, marking their official entry into adulthood. Michael expressed his pride and joy on Instagram, commemorating the occasion and looking forward to celebrating with them.

While Michael Strahan’s relationship with his daughters has blossomed, the path wasn’t always smooth. A protracted legal battle with Jean Muggli over custody stretched on for 16 years, commencing in 2007. This dispute included substantial child support payments and backdated fees. In 2020, Michael accused Muggli of mistreatment towards the twins. Eventually, the former couple reached a settlement, opting for joint custody.

Now, as Isabella and Sophie transition into adulthood, Michael embraces the next chapter in their lives. Both twins achieved a significant milestone by graduating high school in May 2023. Michael shared his immense pride for each of them on social media, celebrating their intelligence, beauty, and hard work. Both Isabella and Sophie earned spots in their respective first-choice universities, Duke University and the University of Southern California.


Despite the natural bittersweet feeling of seeing his daughters grow up and move on, Michael Strahan is unequivocally proud. He values the close bond he shares with Isabella and Sophie, cherishing the time they spend together and supporting one another through various achievements and milestones. This strong familial connection is evident in their shared moments of triumph and support, demonstrating the enduring strength of their father-daughter relationships.