Michael Keaton’s Reported Objection Prevented Michelle Pfeiffer from Joining Batman 1989


Michael Keaton’s portrayal of Batman in Tim Burton’s films has indeed left an indelible mark on the character’s cinematic legacy. Interestingly, the casting process for some of the pivotal characters in the Batman movies had its share of surprises and near-misses.

In the 1989 Batman film, while Michelle Pfeiffer ultimately made a lasting impression as Catwoman in Batman Returns, she was initially considered for the role of Vicki Vale. However, due to personal circumstances and opposition from Michael Keaton, who was against her casting, Pfeiffer didn’t secure the role of Vicki Vale in the first film. Instead, Kim Basinger portrayed the character, bringing a combination of toughness and femininity to the newsroom.

Pfeiffer’s arrival in Gotham City as Catwoman in Batman Returns was equally iconic. Interestingly, she wasn’t the first choice for Catwoman either. Annette Bening was originally cast but had to leave the role due to pregnancy. Various other high-profile actresses, such as Susan Sarandon, Madonna, and Cher, were also considered for the part. Ultimately, Pfeiffer’s portrayal of Selina Kyle as Catwoman became one of the most memorable and acclaimed in the Batman cinematic universe.


Looking ahead, Zoë Kravitz’s portrayal of Catwoman in the 2022 film The Batman has also been praised for its take on the character as a noir femme fatale. Her performance received positive attention, and there’s anticipation for her return in future installments of The Batman series. Kravitz’s interpretation brings a different vibe to the character, continuing the tradition of unique and multifaceted portrayals of Catwoman in the world of DC movies.

Each iteration of Catwoman, from Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic portrayal to Zoë Kravitz’s modern take, has contributed distinct nuances to the character, making Catwoman one of the most fascinating and enduring figures in the Batman universe.