Metaphor: ReFantazio Appears to Be Channeling Persona 5 Strikers


Metaphor: ReFantazio is shaping up to be an intriguing addition to the Atlus lineup, blending elements of familiar gameplay mechanics from past titles with a unique fantasy backdrop and narrative. Drawing inspiration from Persona 5 Strikers’ journey formula, ReFantazio offers players a grand adventure filled with exploration, combat, and social interactions.

One key feature of ReFantazio is the Gauntlet Runner, an armored vehicle that serves as the protagonist’s mode of transportation across various terrains. Much like Strikers’ RV, the Gauntlet Runner provides a cozy space for the party to bond and strategize while traveling between destinations. This fixed itinerary structure ensures that the journey feels appropriately paced, with ample opportunities for exploration and character development.

In addition to its journey structure, ReFantazio introduces dual combat mechanics, blending real-time action with turn-based battles. This dynamic approach keeps traversal exhilarating while maintaining strategic depth during encounters. Players can expect to engage in fast-paced combat both in dungeons and in the overworld, with the protagonist utilizing different Archetypes to adapt to various situations.


Through its emphasis on exploration and discovery, ReFantazio aims to showcase the diverse landscapes and cultures of its fantasy world. Much like Strikers provided insights into different regions of Japan, ReFantazio’s journey structure allows players to learn about the customs and lifestyles of its inhabitants. This exploration not only adds depth to the game’s world but also serves to underscore its themes of prejudice and social inequality.

Overall, Metaphor: ReFantazio promises to deliver a captivating experience that blends engaging gameplay with thought-provoking storytelling. With its unique journey structure and dynamic combat mechanics, it looks set to appeal to fans of both the Persona series and action RPGs alike.