Men in Black Actor Mike Nussbaum Dies at 99


Mike Nussbaum, a distinguished actor known for his roles in prominent films like “Men in Black” and “Field of Dreams,” has passed away at the age of 99 due to natural causes. He died at his Chicago home, just days before his 100th birthday, as confirmed by his daughter Karen to the Chicago Tribune.

His notable film appearances include portraying Bob Drimmer in “Fatal Attraction” (1987), a school principal in “Field of Dreams” (1989), and the character Gentle Rosenburg in “Men in Black” (1997). Nussbaum’s career also spanned across movies such as “House of Games” (1987), “Things Change” (1988), “Harry and Tonto” (1974), “Losing Josiah” (1995), and “Steal Big Steal Little” (1995).

Beyond his film contributions, Nussbaum left a lasting impact on television with appearances in series like “The Equalizer,” “The X-Files,” “Brooklyn Bridge,” “Separate but Equal,” “Frasier,” “L.A. Law,” “227,” “The Commish,” and “Early Edition.”


Born on December 29, 1923, in Chicago’s Albany Park neighborhood, Nussbaum ventured into an illustrious career in theater, notably in works by David Mamet, both on and off Broadway, as well as in Chicago. He notably originated the role of George Aaronow in the 1984 Broadway production of “Glengarry Glen Ross” and was the first actor to portray Teach in Mamet’s “American Buffalo.” His portrayal of Albert Einstein in Mamet’s “Relativity” was also noteworthy.