Melinda French Gates Commits $1 Billion to Support Reproductive Rights and Women Around the World


Melinda French Gates’ recent pledge of $1 billion through 2026 via her Pivotal Ventures Foundation marks a significant commitment to advancing the global power of women. The allocation of funds, as outlined in the announcement on the Pivotal Ventures website, demonstrates French Gates’ strategic approach to addressing key issues affecting women’s rights and well-being.

With $200 million earmarked for organizations in the U.S. focusing on advancing women’s power and protecting their rights, including reproductive freedom, French Gates aims to bolster efforts within her home country. This allocation reflects a recognition of the ongoing challenges faced by women in the U.S. and underscores the importance of advocacy and support in addressing these issues.

The allocation of $240 million to 12 global leaders, each receiving $20 million to distribute to charitable organizations of their choosing, exemplifies French Gates’ commitment to empowering grassroots initiatives and leaders around the world. By providing direct support to individuals with deep knowledge and connections within their communities, French Gates seeks to amplify the impact of philanthropic efforts on a global scale.


The remaining $250 million, to be awarded through Lever of Change this fall, will focus on improving the mental and physical health of women worldwide. This allocation reflects a recognition of the intersecting challenges faced by women in accessing quality healthcare and underscores the importance of addressing these issues to advance gender equality and empowerment.

French Gates’ dedication to advancing equality and opportunity through Pivotal Ventures builds upon her longstanding commitment to philanthropy and advocacy. As a co-chair and trustee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for over 20 years, French Gates has played a key role in efforts to improve global health and address pressing social issues.

Her decision to depart from the Gates Foundation and receive a significant portion of their joint assets following her divorce from Bill Gates underscores her continued commitment to philanthropy and social impact. Through Pivotal Ventures and other initiatives, French Gates remains steadfast in her pursuit of creating a more equitable and just world for women and girls everywhere.