Melania Trump’s Outfit Choice at Rosalynn Carter Funeral Sparks Controversy


The November 28 memorial for Rosalynn Carter, wife of former President Jimmy Carter, became a focal point due to the controversial presence and attire of Melania Trump. Rosalynn had passed away peacefully at her home in Plains, Georgia, on November 19, leading to an outpouring of condolences and tributes, especially from Jimmy Carter, who expressed immense grief at losing his partner of accomplishments.

However, the memorial’s seating arrangement drew attention, particularly placing Melania Trump alongside Michelle Obama, with Laura Bush seated between Melania and the Clintons, Hillary and Bill Clinton, creating an apparent awkward dynamic.

The spotlight, however, was on Melania’s choice of attire for the occasion. While other guests adhered to the traditional black attire suited for a funeral, Melania stood out wearing a mid-calf gray tweed coat cinched at the waist, along with black leather gloves and high heels. This attire was notably different from the somber black attire of other attendees such as Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton.


Former President Donald Trump was absent from the memorial, leaving Melania to stand alone in the spotlight. This rare public appearance for Melania came after several months of maintaining a low profile following her departure from the White House. While Donald Trump has been prominently featured, particularly in court and at political rallies, Melania has chosen a more private life, focusing on her son Barron Trump’s education in Florida.

Despite her absence from Donald’s side, Melania expressed her full support for his potential 2024 White House bid in a May interview with Fox News. She reiterated her commitment to child development initiatives and emphasized providing support and resources for all children to reach their potential.

Melania’s choice of outfit at the memorial drew attention and sparked discussions, reflecting her rare public appearance and maintaining a distinct profile following her tenure as First Lady.