Melania Trump Net Worth


Melania Trump, originally named Melanija Knavs (later Germanized as Melania Knauss), was born on April 26, 1970, in Novo Mesto, SR Slovenia. Her mother, Amalija, worked as a patternmaker for a company specializing in children’s clothing, while her father, Viktor, held a managerial position in car and motorcycle dealerships.

During her upbringing in Sevnica alongside her sister Ines, Melania frequently participated in fashion shows organized by her mother’s employer, Jutranjka. Additionally, she has a half-brother whom she has never had the chance to meet. Despite Viktor’s affiliation with the League of Communists of Slovenia, a party that adhered to state atheism, both Melania and Ines were baptized as Catholics.

Melania pursued her education at Ljubljana’s Secondary School of Design and Photography and initially enrolled at the University of Ljubljana to study design and architecture, although she decided to leave after completing a year.


Melania’s journey in the world of modeling commenced at the tender age of 5. By the time she turned 16, she had already caught the eye of renowned fashion photographer Stane Jerko, and had begun gracing commercials with her presence. At the age of 18, she inked a contract with a prestigious Milan modeling agency. Her striking presence earned her the second-place spot in the “Look of the Year” competition, hosted by “Jana Magazine” in 1992.

It was in 1995 that Melania’s path intersected with Paolo Zampolli, co-owner of Metropolitan Models, who extended an offer of representation in the U.S. This proposition led Melania to relocate to the bustling streets of Manhattan the following year. Initially, she shared a residence in the Zeckendorf Towers with photographer Matthew Atanian, a living arrangement orchestrated by Zampolli himself. The early days of her American modeling career were not without controversy, as the French men’s magazine “Max” published explicit images of Melania alongside another model in January of that same year. Furthermore, she garnered attention by gracing the cover of the January 2000 issue of “GQ,” adorned solely in exquisite diamond jewelry.

In 2010, Melania diversified her portfolio by venturing into the world of jewelry with her collection named Melania Timepieces & Jewelry, available through QVC. Concurrently, she ventured into the realm of skincare with the Melania Skin Care Collection. However, in 2017, the companies involved in the production of her products severed their ties with her. A financial filing from 2016 disclosed that her business ventures generated between $15,000 and $50,000 in royalties that year.


What is Melania Trump’s Net Worth?

Melania Trump, a Slovenian model, and former first lady of the United States, possesses a substantial net worth estimated at $50 million. She gained widespread recognition primarily for her role as the third wife of Donald Trump, with the couple entering into matrimony in 2005.