Megyn Kelly Reveals Chris Christie’s Outburst Over GOP Debate Airtime, Stands Firm on Her Position


In the heat of the fourth GOP debate, tension arose between Megyn Kelly, one of the moderators, and candidate Chris Christie. A heated exchange took place after a moment involving Christie and fellow nominee Vivek Ramaswamy, where Christie was referred to as “the most obnoxious blowhard in America.” The incident didn’t end there, as Christie approached Kelly, visibly upset, and expressed his dissatisfaction, captured in a widely circulated clip.

Kelly later discussed Christie’s reaction on her show, “The Megyn Kelly Show,” revealing that Christie was angered by the distribution of questions and felt he wasn’t given enough speaking time. She defended the moderation, stating they had planned to address him more in the second half of the debate, despite his low popularity in the polls, hovering around 2%.

Furthermore, Kelly highlighted Christie’s polling numbers compared to Donald Trump’s, noting his low approval rating in contrast to Trump’s higher favorability among Republicans, possibly adding to Christie’s frustration during the debate.


Notably, this wasn’t the first instance of conflict between Kelly and Christie. In the past, Christie shared a clip of Trump mocking his weight, to which Kelly defended Trump, asserting that Christie had labeled Trump far worse, citing instances where Christie referred to Trump as a “criminal.” Additionally, during a prior GOP debate where Kelly wasn’t a moderator, she supported Trump’s performance, claiming it reinforced his position in the race.

The friction between Kelly and Christie, along with Christie’s dissatisfaction with the debate’s dynamics and his fiery exchange with Ramaswamy, spotlighted the tensions within the GOP and underscored Christie’s challenges in the race, especially concerning his speaking time allocation and his relationship with both the moderators and fellow candidates.